Group project and presentation :

  1. A field study carried out in pairs in chosen organized settings.
  2. Presentations of the studies in class. The presentations are planned and performed by the authors of the field study. The authors may use various media: visual, traditional, other; and various conventions: business, theatre, plain, etc. If one of the authors is absent the other can present their cooperative work.
  3. A written Executive Summary Report: 1-2 pages (A4), 12pt, single spaced for each presentation (not the slides used for the presentation but a summary of the findings!). It can take the form of a bullet list or a very brief summary of the research. The report should also contain information about the field studied by the students, if possible such data as: name of organizations/ respondents/ telephone numbers/ dates etc (you can attach business cards or post it notes). The report should be handed in at the date of the last presentation.
  4. Active participation in exercises and presentation of the results in class.
  5. The actual result is the outcome of all the above elements and will be communicated to the students directly after the end of the course.
  6. English is the official language and should be used in class.


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