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art: Karolina Matyjaszkowicz




When the written report brings in something substantially and significantly beyond what I learned about your project from your presentation, I alter the component grades for M (methods) and / or T (content). Usually, I evaluate the report separately and calculate the average (the average points for the presentation plus the report - divided into two)


80-100: excellent (5); where 90 and more is outstanding work (5+)

76-79: very good (4+)

66-75: good (4)

61-65: adequate (3+)

51-60: fair (3)



Method (M); Contents (T); Form (F)


Reviews 2023




(1) The Process of Becoming

Link to film on youtube

M: 80

T: 88

F: 90

Strengths: Explanation of theme and background; beautiful video; very good metaphor (network of stories); the issue of intentionality and non-intentionality framed in pertinent way; context; role of values; relationships; role of animals; role of consciousness well framed; examples well chosen and well embedded in argumentation; link to theory; interesting ideas; problematization; some discussion after presentation; strong implications for further research

Weaknesses: link to organizing and organizations could be made stronger and more explicit; questions to complex for discussion in class

Metadata: OK

In all: 83; 5, very good


(2) The Female Gaze

M: 80

T: 90

F: 90

Strengths: attempt at deep problematization; multi-level analysis of culture; good selection of examples; contextualization (cultures); linking of different kinds of material and argument; some response from class

Weaknesses: no explicit connection to organizing/ organizations; few links to experience

Metadata: OK

In all: 87; very good

(3) Eternal Child

M: 70

T: 78

F: 86

Strengths: Examples from different contexts; characters from popular culture;  interpretations; different shades of the archetype (!); art - attempt at link

Weaknesses: no comments on the origins of the Disney characters; fragmentation (no links between characters and ideas); organizational context not interpreted; links superficial

Metadata: OK

In all: 78




(1) Apple

M: 80

T: 80

F: 86

Strengths: Explanation and introduction; symbolism; deep problematization  of organization and the roles played by protagonists; mythologization of company; interesting connection of differing images; multiplicity of archetypes convincingly presented; very good presentation of light and darkness; "the hidden Sage" - brilliant

Weaknesses: argument at times somewhat superficial; few connections to the underpinning myth (as identified); missed potential to make connection between "1984" and company uniform; conclusion could be stronger; no questions

Metadata: OK

In all: 82


(2) The Trickster

M: 80

T: 86

F: 88

Strengths: Explanation of topic; good research questions; interesting associations; context; very good reflections; contrasting with other archetypes; interesting final reflection;

Weaknesses: Not all fragments convincingly linked together; links to organizing could be clearer; no summary

Metadata: OK

In all: 85




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